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The choreographic contest “NAPOKAZ” will be held in the very heart of Siberia - Yekaterinburg. The best choreographic groups from all over Russia will take part in the competition. International choreographic groups can also take part in the competition. The main feature of the competition is the competition between the leaders of the teams. The competition will assess the professional skills of teachers based on performances by choreographic groups.

The competition consists of two parts:
«PRED-POKAZ» - workshop for participants, team leaders, choreographers, teachers (master classes, practical and theoretical lessons for improving professional skills)
«NAPOKAZ» - competition programs, discussion of competitive works with the jury, Award Ceremony, photo session for participants

Place and date of competition: 7 - 10 february 2020, Yekaterinburg (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)

Competition Jury: The competition jury is composed of the best specialists in the field of modern choreography in Russia and Europe, representatives of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, teachers of leading institutions of choreographic education, choreographers of professional choreographic theaters


Autonomous nonprofit organization «Center for the organization of festivals and competitions «NA VYSOTE» ("ON TOP")

Nominations in the dance competition
Dance contest NAPOKAZ RUSSIA 2020

Type of choreographic performance

  • Author’s dances
  • Unoriginal dances (taken from open sources or with permission)

Nominations (style of dances)

  • Neoclassicism
  • Modern
  • Modern jazz
  • Contemporary dance
  • Performance
  • Experimental dance (for any dance style)
  • Story choreography

Age groups

  • Under 9 years old, 10-12 years old, 13-15 years old, 16-20 years old, 20-25 years old, from 26 and above, mixed groups

Criteria for jury ratings

  • The meaning of the dance (novelty, originality, relevance of the dance)
  • Matching music and choreography
  • Performance technique
  • Costumes and set design (if available)
  • The cultural value of dance
  • By decision of the jury, the best choreographers will receive GRANTS for training under the program “Contemporary Dance Artist in Practice” (Moscow) and Certificates for the All-Russian seminar for leaders of contemporary dance groups conducted by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation (Moscow) (training at the expense of the organizers).
  • By decision of the jury, the best creative choreographic groups and solo dancers can receive Cash Prizes from the Center for Festival and Competition Programs “NA VYSOYE” (“ON TOP”)

Summing up and rewarding

  • Competition participants are awarded with diplomas and cups of laureates of 1,2,3 degrees, diploma and participant (duplication of places in each nomination and age category is allowed)
  • Special diplomas from organizers and founders.

Also, by decision of the jury, the winners are determined in the following categories:
  • Best choreography
  • Opening year
  • Best Performing Arts
  • The best image in dance
  • The best pedagogical skill
  • Best costumes
Choreographers in a dance lesson
Dance competition in Yekaterinburg (Russia) at 07-10 february 2020
Cost of participation in a dance contest in Russia 2020
Dance competition in Russia NAPOKAZ 2020

The cost of participation in a choreographic competition consists of the Registration Fee (only for nonresident) and Accreditation

Registration Fee

Accommodation at the hotel 4 days / 3 nights. Transfer to the venue of the choreographic competition and back. Educational and entertainment program. Organizational and informational activities.

Standard rate

9 500 RUB
  • double occupancy of the Marins Park Hotel (Yekaterinburg)
  • Meals: breakfast (buffet)

Economy rate

7 990 RUB
  • 3-seater accommodation in the room of the Atlantic Hotel: single bed + 2-level bed / single bed + double bed (TWIN).
  • Meals: breakfast (serving)

Accreditation (per nomination)

  • Solo (one contest number lasting up to 6 minutes). 2000 RUB.
  • Duet (one contest number lasting up to 6 minutes). 1500 RUB / person
  • Ensemble: two competitive numbers, with a total duration of up to 15 minutes). 4000 RUB per team
  • Theatrical collective (for the nomination “Story choreography”): in each nomination one competition performance from 15 to 30 minutes can be presented. The cost of 6000 RUB per team


  • The cost is indicated in rubles. Organizers may bill in USD or EUR
  • The registration fee does not include travel to Yekaterinburg, and also does not include the cost of visas and other expenses associated with a stay in Russia
  • Organizers assist participants in organizing trips to the competition (assistance with buying tickets, obtaining a visa, etc.)

Organizing Committee Contacts

Autonomous nonprofit organization «Center for the organization of festivals and competitions «NA VYSOTE» ("ON TOP")

+7-800-707-05-93 (Russian Federation)


We speak Russian and English. The response to the letter may take some time. Thank you for your patience.

Application for participation in a choreographic competition
Dancers on the choreographic competition in Russia Yekaterinburg NAPOKAZ 2020

The Main Application

NOMINATIONS. Each participant (group/ensemble/soloist) can apply in no more than eight categories!

Only in mp3 format, or can be sent by e-mail

The Additional Application

Filled in if you have more than one nomination in the competition
Only in mp3 format, or can be sent by e-mail

Autonomous nonprofit organization
«Center for the organization of festivals and competitions

Russia, post #400005, Volgograd, 7 Gvardejskaya street, 10, office 28/2

+7 800 707 05 93 (Russia) 09.00 - 17.00 (Moscow time)
+7-904-417-99-82 WhatsApp/ Viber